In 1998 the sculptor Onofrio Pepe began to work on the “Door of The Myth” upon request of the Banca Cassa di Risparmio in Firenze. He drew inspiration from the “Metamorphoses” by Ovid to execute the 42 panels that compose the front face of the door. Pepe has always been inspired by the pagan myths. In 2005, the Bank commissioned the casting of the monument to the Fonderia Marinelli for its new headquarters in  Florence; it has recently been placed in the garden in front of the entrance to the Bank.


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  • The sculptor onofrio Pepe while is terminating one of the sketches
  • A second sketch made by the sculptor
  • The panels made by the sculptor during the silicon moulding stage
  • The panels in wax
  • Pepe at the Foundry for the' Door of the Myth' casting
  • Working on the cast panels
  • Working phase of the bronze panels
  • Some finished bronze panels
  • Bronze door creation
  • Quality control
  • The sculptor Onofrio Pepe next to the Door in the Foundry
  • The door at the CRF Bank headquarter with the sculptor O. Pepe
  • The Door of the Myth at new Courthouse park