The most famous fountain in the City of Florence, the ‘Porcellino’, made and cast by Tacca in 1633, has been replaced several times due to its deterioration. Firstly in 1897 with a copy cast by Clemente Papi and in then in 1998 with an Original Posthumous cast by Fonderia Marinelli, upon request of the City of Florence. Other  casts after the original of this statue made by the Fonderia Marinelli are at the Castle of Enghien, Belgium, Aix en Provence, Monaco, Sidney, Rispescia,  Grosseto, and in private villas and gardens around the world.

  • Replacing of the original 'Porcellino' with the Marinelli Original Posthumous Cast
  • The inscription on the replica
  • Assembling of the 'Porcellino' in the Foundry
  • The Marinelli Original Posthumous Cast
  • The 'Porcellino' during the patina phase