Pursuing their campaign to replace the original bronze sculptures with faithful copies obtained from molds taken from the originals, the City of Florence and its Fine Arts Department, commissioned  the Fonderia Marinelli to produce the cast of Giambologna’s ‘Bacchus’ after the original. It was placed in a niche near the Ponte Vecchio.

  • Creating the mould from the original at the Bargello Museum
  • Waxes created from the mould in the Foundry
  • Retouched wax in the Foundry
  • Finished bronze during the assembling phase
  • Bronze during the patina stage in the Foundry
  • Replacing the original with Marinelli replica at night nearby the Ponte Vecchio
  • Just before the unveiling with On. Paolucci, Dr. Paolozzi Strozzi Director of the Bargello Museum
  • Unveiling near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, in the presence of the authorities, the replica of Giambologna's Bacchus by Marinelli
  • The Posthumous original casto of Giambologna's Bacchus. F. Marinelli Jr. from behind