On the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth, the Marinelli Foundry honored the great musician and the Italian community in Los Angeles by creating a bust of Verdi and donating it to the Los Angeles Opera Theater. The bust was made after the famous portrait by Boldini and was executed in clay by one of the foundry’s sculptors Eleonora Villani.


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  • Portrait by Boldrini from which we inspired
  • Model in clay creation
  • The sculptor during the creation
  • The finished clay model
  • The silicon mould on clay model
  • The wax obtained from the mould
  • The wax retouching
  • Drains application
  • Refractory material "loto" covering
  • The bronz just cast
  • Bronze chiselling and finishing
  • The finished bronze
  • Patina stage
  • The bust ready to be shipped to Los Angeles
  • The unveiling at L.A. Opera