In 1982, Mr. Patrick Bowlen, President of Bowlen Holding Inc., decided to place a work of art at a new skyscraper which was being built in San Diego. He wished that it be created in Florence, one of his favorite cities. For this purpose his collaborator, the Florentine Dudi Berretti, came to the Fonderia Marinelli. Ferdinando Marinelli Jr. and his close collaborator Sergio Benvenuti proposed a series of drawings and sketches, among which a fountain that recalls, in a classic style, the two oceans that frame America. The project continued with two visits to San Diego and various visits of Berretti and Bowlen to Florence and was terminated by the creation of the two enlarged models in clay and the bronze casting.

  • First sketch by the sculptor
  • The sculptor Sergio Benvenuti while is creating one of the two models in clay
  • One of the two bronzes during the assembling in San Diego
  • The assembling in San Diego
  • After the unveiling in San Diego
  • The dedication on the base
  • The fountain today