Video – Cerimonia al Cremlino

The two halls of St. Andrew and St. Alexander of the Kremlin during an official ceremony. They were brought back to the ancient splendor in 1998 thanks to the Marinelli Foundry, who worked on re-create from drawings all the decorations … Continue reading

A Day in the Foundry – The Patina

Patina Application Bronze can take up differing colours depending on the reagents that are applied. Patination is a process that accelerates the oxidation that would normally occur to the bronze through weathering.     Lost-wax – The technique


The Wild Boar, or better known ‘Porcellino’ is one of the symbols of Florence. It’s said that touching its snout brings good luck, but because of the millions of visitors who daily caress him, some holes have appeared. Thanks to … Continue reading

Doc – Bronzi, Arte in Fonderia

Pubblicazione a cura di James Bradburne e Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi Firenze, sulle tecniche della fusione a cera persa.           Leggi la Pubblicazione