Florentine Wild Boar

The fountain, symbol of Florence, was commissioned by Ferdinando II dei Medici. The sculptor Pietro Tacca (1577-1640), built the original bronze casting ispiring him self to a Hellenistic marble donated by Pope Pius IV to Cosimo I. Tacca created the octagonal base, reproducing plants, insects and reptiles. The yield of naturalistic details like the fur of the animal reveals the extraordinary ability of Tacca, who was the best pupil of Giambologna, as a bronze sculto.
On August 1, 1640 the fountain was installed under the arches of the New Market (now also known as the straw market ).
In 1998 the City Council has decided to restore the fountain and replace it with a replica, made from an original mould of the statue by Fonderia Ferdinando Marinelli.


Height 51″


All the Classical and Renaissance art executed by the Marinelli Foundry is created through moulds made directly on the original Works of Art at the beginning of the last century.  These original moulds are owned by and a part of the Ferdinando Marinelli Artistic Foundry heritage.