A very important maxillofacial surgeon, that is also a very good artist, has sculpted the model of the entrance door to his new house by the sea, near Los Angeles.
Picture 01-02
He made also the silicon negative molds of them.
Picture 03-04-05-06
The molds arrived in the Foundry at Barberino Val d’Elsa.
Picture 07-08
Dr. Liviu Eftimie controls the draft of a wax from the silicon mould.
Picture 09
Dr. Liviu Eftimie controls the waxes’ quality
Picture 10-11
Dr. Liviu Eftimie personally retouches the waxes
Picture 12-13
The bronze is poured from the melting furnace to the ladle.
Picture 14
The bronze is poured into the moulds.
Picture 15-16
Two worked panels in bronze.
Picture 17
The door before the patina.
Picture 18-19
Dr. Liviu Eftimie controls satisfied his work in bronze.
Picture 20