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The Foundry has a century of experience in packing, crating and shipping works of art all over the world.
It supervises the transport of sculptor’s models, of whatever material, from their studios to the Foundry.
When needed, the Foundry’s technicians attend to the on site positioning and assembling of the finished works.

Architects, Interior Decorators

Marinelli’s bronze sculpture, particularly Italian Sculpture – (Renaissance sculpture as well as 20th century Sculpture) and Classical sculpture are particularly well suited for private homes and villas. Marinelli’s experienced staff is ready to assist architects and interior designers in all manner of special orders or client requests. The foundry’s bronze craftsmen and artists are able to adapt any bronze sculpture to accommodate client preferences, from the simplest to the most complex. Galleria Bazzanti in Florence, the showroom for the foundry’s bronze sculpture, also offers marble sculpture from their studio in Pietrasanta


The Fonderia Ferdinando Marinelli is specialized in the enlargement of models and sculptural works.

Custom Made Works

The Foundry’s sculptors, upon the clients’ request, execute any work of whatever size and material.
Clients can monitor all phases of the work’s production; in the case of monumental sculpture, they can
observe the process of enlargement from the chosen model (‘bozzetto’).

For the two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi, Ferdinando Marinelli Jr. has asked artists of his foundry to create the sculpture bust of the maestro, inspired by the famous portrait by Giovanni Boldini . One of the foundry’s sculptors, Eleonora Villani, modeled the bust first in clay and subsequently in wax prior to casting it in bronze. The bronze bust was donated by Marinelli to the Los Angeles Opera.

The artists and sculptors of Ferdinando Marinelli Foundry create any monument and sculpture upon the client’s request. Collaboration with the client is most important: it begins with the making of sketches and drawings in order to actualize the client’s desired wish. Subsequent to their approval and if necessary, any changes, models are created. These are then enlarged, and after the client’s final approval, cast in bronze.

The same steps are taken regarding medals and medallions; drawings are presented to the client, variations are agreed upon, the model is enlarged at times to three times its size, it is cast in bronze, puncheons are executed in steel, coinage takes place and finally the work is varnished.


With over a century of history, experience and professionalism, Fonderia Artistica Ferdinando Marinelli in Florence is able to provide full documentation and information for each work.

Each casting executed in our foundry will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity attesting to the provenance of the work and, in some cases, to the year of its casting.

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