(May 2013)

‘Italian Quality’ convention in Moscow, sponsored by the IRA (Italian Russian Association).

‘Premium Quality Guarantee’ and registration in the category ‘Top Made in Italy’ was granted to Fonderia Artistica Ferdinando Marinelli for the first time at the IRA convention.

The Fonderia was greeted very favorably during its first participation at the IRA, Moscow which promotes both ‘Made in Italy’ as well as guaranteeing the quality of partakers products.

At the convention, Fonderia Marinelli presented a posthumous first edition original of one of the panels of Ghiberti’s ‘Doors of Paradise’, rendered in gilded bronze after the orginal cast. The work, one of a set of ten panels executed over a period of 27 years by Lorenzo Ghiberti was, upon completion, greeted by Florentines with wonder and amazement for its artistry and refinement of chiselling.

Franco Barducci, the director of the Fonderia’s showroom ‘Galleria d’Arte Pietro Bazzanti’ recieved the ‘Top Made in Italy’ accreditation on its behalf. Inclusion in this exclusive category, selected by the IRA, allows for the use of the ‘Premium Quality Guarantee’ seal certifying the quality of Italian companies operating in Russia.

Fonderia Marinelli is known in Moscow for having contributed to the restoration of the Great Kremlin Palace producing works and decorations in bronze for the halls of both St. Andrew and St. Alexander.

Last April, at the DOMEXPO in Moscow, the Fonderia exhibited posthumous first edition originals of ‘The Rape of the Sabines’ by Giambologna and of the statue, ‘Porcellino’, both in Florence.
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