(1837 – 1925)

In Florence he enters Giovanni Duprè’s studio. Professor of the Academic College of Fine Arts in Florence since 1870, in 1883 he won the competition for the equestrian monument to “Vittorio Emanuele II” in Livorno, for the same city he created the monument to “Garibaldi” (1889). He author of the monuments to “Raffaele Rubattino” (1889) and to “Garibaldi” (1889). Author of the monuments to “Raffaele Rubattino” (1889) and “Garibaldi” (1893) in Genoa, for the city of Chiavari he created those to “Mazzini”, “Garibaldi” (1890) and “Vittorio Emanuele II”, while in 1897 he executed in Florence the one in “Bettino Ricasoli”. Author of portraits and genre works, at the Italian Exhibition of 1861 he exhibited “Zuavo woundito”, participated in the reviews of the Promoter of Fine Arts of Turin in 1863 and at the Fiorentina Primavera in 1922 he presented the bronzes “The first death”, “The holy family ”And“ Hercules shooting down the centaur ”. In the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome the works: “G.B. Niccolini ”of 1864, oriented towards the realist taste of Adriano Cecioni,“ Spinning top player ”, repeatedly reproduced,“ Child playing with the goat ”,“ Return from the Post Office ”and“ Dancing Satyr ”. In the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, the bronze “Antaeus”.


Dancing Faun