(1857 – 1950)

After his classical studies he enrolled at the Brera Academy in Milan. He later carried out some works in the central hall of the Valentino castle in Turin and in the Genoa Cathedral. Since 1890 he has been active in the Fabbrica del Duomo in Milan for which he creates, among other things, the main bronze door (1894-1908), the “Crucifix” and the “Candlesticks” (1896) of the main altar. In 1891 he began teaching decoration and ornamentation at the Brera Academy and in 1894 he won the competition for the execution of the door of the Como Cathedral. Active in the Cathedral of Chiavari and in that of Pisa, where he created cross-carrying angels and candlesticks for the high altar, he also worked for the Basilica del Santo in Padua. For the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome he created the group depicting “La Concordia” (1912) and in the Church of Santa Maria Pomposa in Modena the monument to “L.A. Masons “(1931). In 1937 he donated his collection of works of art to the Holy See and in the last years of his life he moved to Varese where he performed religious works for local churches. The works “San Marco”, “Profeta”, “Nettuno” and “La Concordia” are preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art in Novara.