(Rome, April 5th 1886 – Florence, May 23rd 1963)

It was a sculptor, art critic and politician.

He graduated in law from the University of Rome, he devoted himself from early youth to the arts, which had been started in the vibrant cultural atmosphere of the family, coming to make this their main occupation. In particular, was a sculptor in bronze and very much appreciated in the period between the two World Wars, during which he received many commissions from both official bodies of the State or by religious institutes. Among his most significant works , we note the bronze panels for the door of the Basilica of β€˜St. Paul Fuori le Mura’ (1929-1931), those for the new spiral staircase of Vatican Museums (1932) , and those for the Arengario Brescia (1932) . He was the creator of the successful contemporary Italian art exhibitions , such as the Paris of 1935 and the Berlin of 1937.

It was the Secretary General of the Biennale from October 1927 to 1942 promoting the admission of cinema as an art form with the establishment in 1932 of the Venice International Film Festival.