Foro Italico statues

In 1932 inside the Foro Italico in Rome sports facilities were built. These included the Stadio dei Marmi and the Pool of the Roses, decorated with works by various sculptors. Among them was Aroldo Bellini who produced the ‘Fight Scene’ for the stadium and ‘The Diver’ for the pool, both of which were cast by Fonderia Marinelli.

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Forlì and Pescara horses

The two bronze statues made by the sculptor Bernardo Morescalchi Carrara, and cast by the Fonderia Marinelli, representing a horse with a messenger, were to be on top of the far ends of the facade of the Palazzo delle Poste in Forlì. For technical reasons they were removed shortly thereafter in the spring of 1933, and placed on a similar building designed by Bazzani in Pescara. It is likely that the two sculptures were destroyed by the war like many other works of the city.

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Chimeras for the City of Arezzo

During the Fascist period the Podestà of Arezzo obtained the permission to make a mold of the statue at the Archaeological Museum of Florence and commission the Fonderia Marinelli to create two posthumous first edition originals of the sculpture, to be located in the square in front of Arezzo’s railway station.


Monument to footballer

In 1934, Mario Moschi realized the ‘Monument to the Football Player’, cast by Fonderia Marinelli. The statue was exhibited at the Venice Biennale of that same year, and then moved to the Sport Center of Coverciano, Florence.

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Luis XIV by Bernini

The original sketch of Bernini’s Louis XIV, now at the Galleria Borghese in Rome, was brought to Florence to the Fonderia Marinelli in order to make a bronze cast for Mussolini’s private collection. Mussolini had personally commissioned the work to Marinelli during his visit to the foundry on April 21, 1934.

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