The sculptor Corrado Feroci, after winning in 1923 the competition for the creation of the statue of the king of Siam Rama I, turned to FAFM in 1942 for his lost wax bronze casting, wanting an exact processing of the details as requested by the royal siamese court.

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Door of the Siena Cathedral, Italia

As a sign of gratitude for the liberation of the city from the Germans, Count Chigi Saracini of Siena asked the Sienese sculptor Vico Consorti to create the so-called Gate of Gratitude for the Duomo of Siena. It was cast by the Fonderia Marinelli.

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Door of Santa Maria Maggiore, Roma, Italia

Among the Monumental Doors commissioned by the Vatican to the Fonderia Marinelli, the one created by Ludovigo Pogliaghi for the roman basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore was cast in 1947.

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Arlington Memorial Bridge, Washington, USA

One of the four golden horses that dominate the Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington by the New Yorker Leo Friedlander a sculptor who studied in Europe, donated in 1949 by the Italian Ambassador Alberto Tarchiani to the American people on behalf of the Italian Government. Conceived in 1929, the design for this colossal monument remained unused during the great depression. The project was revived in 1938 and completed only after the end of World War II. The quality of the casting earned the Fonderia Marinelli the ‘Diploma of Honor’ conferred by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

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Holy Door, St. Peter, Italia

Modeled by the Siena artist Vico Consorti to replace the wooden one in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, the door was cast at the Fonderia Marinelli. Marinelli was fully accredited by the Vatican after the castings of the Ramp of the Vatican Museums and the Monumental Tomb of Pope Pius XI.

Jubilee of Mercy

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Pope Pius XI Tomb

Given the high quality of the monumental reliefs that adorn the ramp of the restored entry of the Vatican Museum, executed by the Marinelli Foundry, the Vatican also commissioned the construction of the bronze tomb of Pope Pius XI.


Fountain of children

Among the various works executed by the Fonderia Marinelli for the city of Florence there is the famous ‘Fountain of the Children’ at Piazza Vasari, created by Mario Moschi and cast in 1952.

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Columbus in Newport

The Committee for the construction of a monument to Christopher Columbus as a gift of the Italian community of Newport, Rhode Island, to its own town was formed in 1932. The project and the collection of funds took a long time, so that it was only in 1953 that the Fonderia Marinelli was able to send a small-scale model made by the sculptor Giovanni Cappelletti. After its approval, the artist realized the full-size model, which was cast by the foundry and sent to the USA.

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Urns for Normandy Memorial, France

In 1953, the Fonderia Marinelli created the bronze casting of two large decorated urns designed by the architect Donald De Lue, for the Normandy American Cemetery, Omaha Beach, France.

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Fountain of the kids, Florence

Work created by the sculptor Valmore Gemignani and located in Piazza della Vittoria in Florence.

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Gattamelata and Colleoni, Montevideo, Uruguay

The castings of the replicas of Donatello’s “Gattamelata” and Verrocchio’s “Colleoni”, for Montevideo, Uruguay, which were scheduled to follow the casting of the ‘David’, were stopped by the war. The project was revived in the first half of the 1950s and the two equestrian monuments were sent to Uruguay in 1955.

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