Monument to Giuseppe Mazzini, Firenze, Italia

This is another important monument in Florence, created by Antonio Berti and cast by the Fonderia Marinelli in 1988. For the first time the sculptor used painted patina, using a style that he had observed in London.

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Eisenhower Monument, London, Londra, UK

The statue dedicated to Eisenhower, placed in Grosvenor Square London, in front of the American Embassy, was realized by the sculptor Robert Dean, thanks to the contribution of the Ambassador Charles Prince and the citizens of Kansas City. It was cast at Fonderia Marinelli under the supervision of the sculptor in 1989.


Tolstoj at Fuji Art Museum, Tokio, Giappone

The statue was commissioned to the Fonderia Marinelli in 1990. The model was carried out inside the foundry by the sculptor Sergio Benvenuti. In addition to the bronze statue and with the collaboration of the Bazzanti Gallery of Florence, the show room of the foundry, two marble statues of Victor Hugo e L.S. Bertin were also commissioned, based on the models created by Benvenuti.

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Kremlin Halls restoration, Mosca, Russia

In 1998, the Russian Government wished to restore to its original beauty the two Kremlin’s Halls of St. Andrew and St. Alexander, whose original furniture and decorations had been destroyed by Stalin. The tender was won by a Florentine firm which subcontracted the orders for the bronzes to the Fonderia Marinelli. The work began in 1998 and ended in 2000. Designs based on all the destroyed decorations were recreated: gigantic chandeliers, huge wall sconces and large wall sculptures. After the model’s approval, the work continued with the casting, retouching and gilding of the large amount of artifacts.


The Porcellino, Firenze, Italia

The most famous fountain in the City of Florence, the ‘Porcellino’, made and cast by Tacca in 1633, has been replaced several times due to its deterioration. Firstly in 1897 with a copy cast by Clemente Papi and in then in 1998 with an Original Posthumous cast by Fonderia Marinelli, upon request of the City of Florence. Other casts from the original mould of this statue made by the Fonderia Marinelli are at the Castle of Enghien, Belgium, Aix en Provence, Monaco, Sidney, Rispescia, Grosseto, and in private villas and gardens around the world.

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Handrail at the Vatican Museums

In 1999, on the occasion of the works for the Jubilee of 2000, the Vatican Museums asked the Fonderia Marinelli, who had realized the bronzes for the first ramp, to create the handrail for the new access ramp.


Michelangelo David, Shelton

The posthumous original cast of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ has been made for the offices of the American builder Mr. Scinto to furnish his “Office Park” in Shelton, Connecticut.


Broncos Stadium, Denver, Colorado, USA

After the realization of the ‘Fountain of Two Oceans’ by the Fonderia Marinelli in 1984, Mr. Patrick Bowlen, owner of the Broncos football team, commissioned a new work from Marinelli : a monumental fountain for the new Broncos Stadium in Denver. Realized by the architect Dudi Berreti, in collaboration with Ferdinando Marinelli Jr. and the sculptor Sergio Benvenuti, it represents the seven Broncos horses, symbol of the team, galloping towards the entrance of the stadium. The fountain was inaugurated in front of the new stadium in 2001.

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Archangel Michael, Firenze, Italia

Don Mario Boretti ( a priest known as well for his skills as an exorcist), has led the Church of San Donato in Livizzano, Florence, for many years. The sculptor Bertelli has created the statue of the ‘Archangel Michael Defeating the Devil’ cast by the Fonderia Marinelli and placed in the square in front of the small church.

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Horses at Siena Palio, Shelton, Connecticut, USA

Mr. Robert Scinto created the restaurant “Il Palio” next to his skyscrapers built on a hill in Shelton, Connecticut and commissioned the Fonderia Marinelli to produce a sculpture representing two jockeys and horses at the Siena Palio race. The work was made by the sculptor Benvenuti and cast by the foundry in 2004.

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Door of the Myth

In 1998 the sculptor Onofrio Pepe began to work on the “Door of The Myth” upon request of the Banca Cassa di Risparmio in Firenze. He drew inspiration from the “Metamorphoses” by Ovid to execute the 42 panels that compose the front face of the door. Pepe has always been inspired by the pagan myths. In 2005, the Bank commissioned the casting of the monument to the Fonderia Marinelli for its new headquarters in Florence; it has recently been placed in the garden in front of the entrance to the Bank.

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