Ghiberti Saint Matthew

The Superintendence responsible for the Museums of Florence, together with the Museum of Orsanmichele, commissioned to Fonderia Artistica Ferdinando Marinelli the casting of posthumous Ghiberti’s ‘St. Matthew’ to replace the original statue, which was moved from the external niche of the Orsanmichele Church to the nearby museum. After a careful study, a mold on the original sculpture was realized and then cast in bronze.

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Minerva for the Archaeological Museum

The Superintendence of the Archaeological Heritage of Tuscany along with the Director of the Archaeological Museum of Florence commissioned the Fonderia Marinelli to produce a negative mold from the original Etruscan sculpture of Minerva in order to obtain an identical bronze cast for the Museum. The restoration took place at the laboratory of the Superintendence.


Nikola Karev, Skopje

On the occasion of the program of urban renewal of the city of Skopje, Macedonia, the Fonderia Marinelli has won the commissions to realize seven important works, including the creation of the 7 meter high monument representing national hero Nikola Karev on his horse. The foundry has received the plaster model to enlarge and then has realized the bronze casting.


Classics lions, Skopje

One of the two lions ordered by the Government of Macedonia from the Marinelli Foundry in 2008. They are located at the forefront of the bridge spanning the river Vardar in Skopje.


Alexander the Great, Skopje

The Macedonian government sent the Marinelli Foundry the plaster model of the 3.5 meter high equestrian statue of Alexander the Great, with a request to enlarge it to 15 meters and then cast it in bronze. The gigantic monument is part of a large fountain that includes soldiers and lions and a large number of bas-reliefs, all to be executed in bronze by the Marinelli Foundry.

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